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Cosmic-I Corporate Solutions | About Us

Corporate Overview

Cosmic-I is an Information Technology provider delivering superior quality software development, consulting and staffing solutions to our client. We deliver a measurable results in productivity, profitability, and shareholder value to the world’s leading companies, enabling our clients to increase business agility, rationalize redundancies, and to compete in today’s dynamic business environment.

Our Values

 Cosmic-I pledges to adhere to the following principles and believes that these practices are in the best interest of the staffing industry, its clients and its employees.

Honesty and Integrity: To comply with all laws and regulations applicable to its business, and to maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct in the operation of its business and its dealings with employees, clients and competitors.
Respect: To treat every individual with respect; drawing strength from equal opportunity and diversity, while at the same time, supporting personal growth and development.
Professionalism: We are committed to the highest standards of professionalism, to pursue innovation, deploy imagination, be open to new ideas, and to act decisively and consistently. Cosmic-I is determined to deliver outstanding quality in order to build long lasting and meaningful relationships with our clients.

Our Strength

Cosmic-I’s most valuable asset is its People: We guarantee unsurpassed quality will always be delivered with lasting results, whether it is  a single consultant chosen to lead your development effort, or a team hand-picked by our professional staffing experts to drive your critical projects.

Cosmic-I believes strongly in customer satisfaction; we understand our customer’s needs, and assist them in finding the best resources to achieve their IT objectives. Where appropriate, Cosmic-I explores its associations with other leading consultancies; in order to bring together the particular resources and expertise needed to satisfy our client’s needs.

Company Profile

Cosmic-I was established in 2005 as a custom software development company, it still remains our field of expertise to this day. The expertise and level of commitment that is shown by our organization, while carrying out the software development, is undoubtedly unmatchable. As an end-to-end solution provider our specialty also includes project management, business system analysis, software design and software development, quality assurance and implementation.

Over our technical expertise, we have domain expertise in various industries, including Retail, CPG, manufacturing, finance, telecom and insurance.

Cosmic-I’s founder started his carrier as a desktop application developer and his experience and expertise helped Cosmic-I build its niche in end-to-end application development. We have expertise in all verticals of application development including Desktop, web and mobile application development.

We provide our clients with end-to-end application development services from inception to deployment and maintenance. We have a highly talented and dedicated team, consisting of Project Managers, Business and Systems Analysis, Software Developers, and Quality Assurance Analysts who ensure that we deliver on time and high quality solutions every time.

We specialize in application development utilizing various technologies including the Microsoft Application Development Stack, Java Application Development Stack and Opensource / PHP platform. We have formed various partnerships with technology enablers such as Microsoft, IBM, Sencha, and Oracle.

Cosmic-I also provides consultation for those entrepreneurs who are looking to integrate the information technology in their businesses. We guide you, using our skills and experience, with regards to which form of technology is best suited to your business needs. We also guide on how to use the best suited technology to meet your objectives that include both short term and long term targets. We also offer additional services that include administering and implementing IT  systems on your business’ behalf.

The overall dominance of internet has opened up numerous avenues for us to thrive your business upon. With the help of internet, we can help you in driving business that spans nations or circles the globe. We believe that an online presence of a business is as necessary and fundamental as it could get.

Cosmic-I facilitators also share their fruitful experience with you so that you may learn from it and use it to your advantage. This is why we also provide the facility of training for those who are looking to get on board with us in this mission and purpose.

Cosmic-I is always looking for additional resources and benefits for its clients. The welfare of clients ensures the smooth productivity of the business and that is something that we firmly believe in. most of our approaches and business handling are based upon this very idea so that our clients can also inculcate this value in their business. This not only develops a strong connection but also an everlasting clientele.

We always attribute the achievement and success to our teams and all the individuals that are involved. We realize that nothing is possible without the productive collaboration of skillful individuals. The success and achievements are never attributed to a single individual ever. This ensures fair treatment and thus consequently results in better quality of the performance put in by everyone.

Cosmic-I also realizes that the root to successfully satisfying customer lies within proper understanding of the customer’s needs. This is why we always try to put in extra effort to be on the same page as our client while discussing the project. This way clients always get what they desire and we also save a great deal of money due to less wastage of time and resources. In software development any sort of lack of correspondence or discrepancy can lead to a material change in the cost due to wastage of resources upon something which was not asked for or something which was not designed according to the required standard.

Cosmic-I has been providing the services to a long list of trusted partners and clients for  quite some time and has managed to establish a loyal clientele. Cosmic-I will always look to provide you the services that will be suitable for your business be it big or small.

Many times the businesses already have an IT system that is being used at the organization and it may only require some tweaking to conform to the latest requirements or sometimes we also end up ascertaining that we will have to build up the application or software from the scratch.

Integrity, objectivity and high quality performance are always constants, whichever may be the case.